"The Pokar Group - where quality meets excellence, technology
meets aesthetics and passion meets perfection."


Royal Finance, like the name suggests, is a royal kin of the Pokar Group. Like its name, Royal Finance, believes that when serving the masses, particularly as a finance service provider, it is important to stay and be responsible. Imbibed with a work culture steeped in the ethos of conscience and service, since its inception, the company has nurtured trust as its most prominent value.

As a finance service provider, it gives Royal Finance and by extension the Pokar Group to help the needy, particularly those aspire to fly but are short of the push. Through our service, we have helped people live happily by helping finance their home loan. We have seen teary-eyed bride bid farewell and begin an adventurous new journey, through our marriage loan. We have seen passionate youngsters chase their dreams through our student loan. There is nothing more satisfying than playing a significant role in achieving a dream, and we are happy to be helpful!